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– Descartes

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Universal Newsreel – “Japanese Films of Atomic Bomb blast at Hiroshima (1946)”

This film is part of the Universal Newsreel collection and contains the following footage: “(1) Japanese Film collection of the aftermath of the atomic bomb blast at Hiroshima released one year later (2) Underwater atom blast rocks Bikini (line down the middle of film frames) Admiral Blandy commander of the task force, the 2nd test […]

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Universal Newsreel – Gen. Adolph Takes Over (1942)

Gen. Adolph Takes Over, 1942/01/07 “The cleverest anti-Nazi propaganda yet! You will howl with glee when you see and hear what our London newsreel friends have cooked up for Hitler and his goose-stepping armies. The ‘Nasties’ skip and sway in tune to the Lambeth Walk!” – humorous editing of German newsreels to make fun of […]

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