Paper: “The Burqa Versus A Formal Gown As A Cultural Norm”

“THE BURQA VERSUS A FORMAL GOWN AS A CULTURAL NORM” by Misty Smith. Originally published on July 09, 2017, for HIS 311: Women, Sexuality, and Islam at Southern New Hampshire University.

*Please note: I am a lifelong learner; therefore, I study various religions and cultures. I do not intend to promote one over another and believe that everyone has the right to believe as they wish (or to not believe).

The paper presented here is based upon the question: “Abu-Lughod compares wearing the burqa to wearing a gown to the opera. Is this comparison apt? Why or why not? Whichever perspective you take, remember to consider and address the counter arguments. Draw on examples from the text.”

The text used for this assignment is linked in the paper citations.

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