“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.”

– Descartes

Banzerda: So it Begins

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Peace is all Banzerdians have known for one thousand years. But when an enemy resurfaces with a power that is feared by even the High Council and the Mages of the realm, war will surely ensue. A young elf, with the help of a few friends, travels across the continent, through the War and Destruction, to find her love that has been lost. Was he captured by the enemy? Will her innocence be lost? Will the War wipe out Banzerda as its inhabitants know it?


Series: The Chronicles of the Realms (Book 1)
First Published: August 7, 2013 (Out of Print).
New deluxe edition Published: (COMING SOON)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.8 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

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