The Short Lived State (Nation) of Franklin

The Short Lived State Nation of Franklin

     If you are like most individuals you will have no issue naming the states that make up the United States of America. However, if you were asked to name a state (or Nation) within the Union, that no longer exists, could you? On August 23, 1784, in what is now Eastern Tennessee, the State Nation of Franklin declared its independence and statehood. Representatives gathered and petitioned Congress to declare them to be known as the state “Frankland” or “Franklin”, however, their hopes were dashed when they could not muster the needed two-thirds majority of Congress to approve the statehood measure.

Declaration of Independence

Yesterday was July 4th and the United States of America celebrated the anniversary of its freedom from the rule of King George III. I took note of the posts on social media yesterday, to see if anyone mentioned the reasons behind the split from colonies to independent rule.