Doctor in Industry (Part I – 1946)

“General Motors drama produced to demonstrate the corporate interest in occupational health and safety. The Doctor in Industry traces the career of an industrial medicine specialist, from his early service as a physician helping injured factory workers and soldiers to his work as the medical director for the automaker. In following his development, the film shows GM’s provisions for employee medical care and its proactive role in advancing workplace safety. note: Also distributed in 16mm.

Sponsor: General Motors Corp. Production Co.: Jam Handy Organization. Director: Haford Kerbawy. Writer: Gordon H. Miller. Cast: William Post Jr., Nell O’Day, Frank Thomas, Thomas Hume. Resources: Copyright 25Apr46 MU496; “Doctor in Industry: General Motors Dramatizes Story of Industrial Medicine,” Bus Scrn 7, no. 7 (1946): 25; “Better Living,” 153–55, 268. Holdings: LC/Prelinger, NLM.”

Source: Prelinger Archives

Description Source: The National Film Preservation Foundation

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