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My name is Misty Hamilton Smith, welcome to my blog. I hold degrees in both Psychology and History from the University of Phoenix & Southern New Hampshire University. I am currently enrolled at Capella University pursuing my Masters in Psychology with a concentration in I/O Psychology.

I have been a practicing Genealogist since the 1990’s. I am the owner of the genealogy/history website Appalachian Genealogy where you will find not only personal genealogical data, for further research purposes, but data that may help you on your genealogy journey.

In addition, to my interest in History and Psychology, I am very interested in science and environmental issues and believe that everyone should be educated on the facts about the climate change crisis we are facing on this planet. Therefore, I will be posting information pertaining to our environment from time to time.

The main purpose of this blog is to share my interest in the topics posted. The second purpose is to provide quality, sourced, and free educational materials for use by everyone who is interested. As a former homeschool parent, I understand the struggle surrounding finding quality materials for your lesson planning. Therefore in addition to essays and opinion pieces, I will also be sharing historical and vintage film footage, audiobooks, and e-books that you may find useful as teaching/learning aids.

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Native American Slave Trade

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The Three Waves of Feminism in America

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